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Happy 1st Birthday Aria! [Children and Family Photographer, Miami, FL]

What an eventful Saturday with this beautiful family!  Thanks to a referral from Woo Supreme, a fellow photographer friend, I had the honor of working with this awesome family.  [Click on over to check out his work!]  Jess and I had met a few years back, and thanks to Woo we were able to see each other again and work together.

We met at the sunflower field bright and early and were able to “run around” there for a bit before the sun was out full force. Little Aria, not a care for the soft soil ground or the sunflowers, was walking all on her own – holding her balance so well! It’s so incredible to me seeing little ones exploring their world and doing things on their own.  Family portraits were made and we moved on to part two.

With a little breakfast break, in between – haha!

We then went to their home and set up for Aria’s formal 1st birthday portraits.  Even though she wasn’t fully giving me smiles and giggles at first – she brought it home when I pulled out my yellow basket fluff for her sunflower set-up.  She thought it was the funniest thing to tear it apart and “make a mess” with it.  Indeed, there was no mess and the fluff comes apart naturally – but seeing her go to town was just perfect.

Aria really is such a happy, smart and gorgeous little girl – and I thank you Jess & Kenny for trusting me with her 1st birthday milestone!

Here are some highlights from our morning together.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

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  1. Note, quoted lyric from Coldplay’s Yellow.
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