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Happy 1st Birthday RJ! [Newborn/Children Photographer, Miami FL]

My little man RJ is ONE!!

This is one of my favorite cake smashes.  (But, I think I say that about every one! Haha )  There’s A LOT of pictures I’m sharing here, so brace yourselves.  😛

We were able to include a lot of little set ups for RJ, so we got a lot of pictures.  We started with standard first birthday portraits, and then were able to get him to sit in his mom’s belly cast for a “before and after”.  We posed him in his mom’s belly cast when he was just 7 days old.  Now, a year later, he barely could sit inside with both legs tucked in.  It’s really so incredible how women can grow and carry a little human being inside of us, to begin with, but a year later see such growth!  ❤




We then did a Hulk and superhero set up to continue his newborn session trend.  His baby shower was Hulk theme and he had a custom made Hulk beanie and diaper cover for his newborn session. So along with the props I had, Ana, his mom, pulled some personal items from his baby shower and first year to use for his session.  And it was so perfect! We were even able to get another sort of “before and after” of him crying and MAD during his Hulk set.






And lastly, we HAD TO have Mickey in the mix.  I mean, he’s the usual suspect for 1st birthdays, am I right?  We set him up for a few portraits before his cake smash, and were able to get him to hold the poster his mom made for his party.  Within the text is a big announcement they were going to share with the family the day of the party.  I always love these posters, and always forget to take the time to read them while I’m at the session.  But, as we changed RJ into his Mickey suspenders, I read it and let out a little squeal when I saw he was going to be a big brother in November! I couldn’t help it and hugged Ana tight and congratulated her and her husband.  How exciting!!

Once RJ tasted the cake, there was NO STOPPING HIM! He smashed and smashed until his heart’s content; and it couldn’t have been any better than this for him.

Here are the last of the highlights.  I included two outtakes, because they’re too cute not to share!

A la Coldplay, “Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy ❤ xo


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