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Watch-Me-Grow: Brianna | Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl!

Brianna is ONE year old! It’s so hard to believe that my little ones grow, even though I am right there watching them go through the first year.  I’ve been “watching” since she was still in the womb.  I photographed her mom’s maternity set.  We then moved on to her Newborn set (at the beach!) and then we met every 3 months to photograph her Watch-Me-Grow milestones.  To say I was emotional that our first year together had come to an end, the day of this session, is an understatement.  It’s a beautiful thing and something I’m honored to have been a part of, but I’ll miss Brianna and Rachel!

Rachel wanted an alternative to the traditional cake use for cake smashes.  We bounced some thoughts and ideas back and forth and arrived at a gluten-free / sugar-free pie crust.  The filling was cooked berries and mashed to hold the rest of the fruit.  We knew that Brianna loved fruit, so we hoped that she would love this idea too.  And she did!

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy <3 xoxo

Here are some highlights of her 1st birthday pie smash!

The Star Trails | Snuggles with Brianna and Behind-The-Scenes

The Star Trails | Snuggles with Brianna and Behind-The-Scenes

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