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Camila | Sitter Session, Watch-Me-Grow! [Children Photographer, Kendall, FL]

Sitter sessions are becoming my favorite of all, very quickly!

Camila is 8 months old and full of energy, life and the most delightful giggle.  Her mom contacted me about building some Watch-Me-Grow sessions before her 1st birthday and I’m so glad we were able to work it out and make it happen.  If the first session is any indication on how the others will turn out, I’m already so excited for the end result when we can put them all together in a book!

Camila’s mom had set out some clothes for me to possibly use; complete with bows and pearls.  I added some more pearls of mine and we went to town!  Seriously, little girls in strings and strings of pearls cannot be any more adorable.   ❤  We were able play a little dress-up with her personal items, and some of mine and we ended up with such a great set of photos!   So many little smiles and her little personality shining through – even with a light snack in between for Camila.

At our gallery reveal appointment, I was able to meet her older sister and I was immediately smitten with her kindness!  Mid-chat about album ordering and planning our next session together, Big Sister hands me an Oreo!  An Oreo cookie!!  She wins!  Forever, we’ve got to be cookie buddies. Lol

Well, here are some highlights from our first session together.  I can’t wait for our next!

A la Coldplay, “Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy  ❤ xoxo
Cookie - sharing and gallery reveal

[The Star-Trails] Cookie – sharing and gallery reveal


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