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First Day of School! [Children Photographer, Davie, FL]

These kiddos!! Can’t even believe that they’re starting school and looking so grown up.  I met them when Alan was just a few days new for his newborn session.  So, I’ve been asking Adam, his big brother, to put his around his little brother for years now!  So I giggle a little when we get another one of them doing the same.

When I saw their updated haircuts on social media, I commented saying they looked so big and handsome.  Anna, their mom, asked if it were possible for us to have their pictures made before school started.  That conversation was on a Tuesday before school was due to start the following Monday.  I checked my book, and I was able to squeeze them in the following day before I left for a small family vacation.  And, while it was a bit of a challenge – we got it done, and had these kiddos giggling for the camera!

I’ve recently decided to try and add some black and white outtakes from each session for my clients to have along with the formal portraits.  So, this session happen to be the best kind for me to try and get a bit of extras for mom and dad.  Alan was not at all interested in my being there with lights and a camera pointed at him.  But! I snapped away.  I hear my StarMamas ask their kiddos to please smile and be ready for pictures, but at the end of the day I feel whatever these little ones are doing is something that Mom and Dad have seen before.  So, I document it.  It’ll give us all a giggle in the future, at the very least.

Along with the highlights from our afternoon together, I included the outtakes too.  Kids being kids; doing kid things.  ❤

And, to share down below, sometimes when I stage little one reading his book… they turn their back to me.  Cue, “I think we’re done now”.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy  ❤  xoxo



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