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Happy Baptism, Olivia! [Children Photographer, Miami, FL]

My sweet Olivia.

She recently was baptized into the Catholic Church.  Mom wanted to hand out cards to friends and family and have some photos at the reception.  So we went to work! 😛

First, I thought it was incredible that they were able to use a traditional baptism gown that had been in the family for a few years now. How great is that, am I right?  We ended up changing her bonnet for that Olivia-bow and took some pictures of her wearing that too.  She seriously rocks that bow and headbands so well! Love her in a big chunky bow!

Then, the coolest thing happened.  Mom pulls out her baptism dress and… it fit Olivia perfectly!  Matching bow and Olivia was set for her reception, wearing her mom’s dress.  ❤

After all of this cuteness, we were able to get a couple more fun photos of Olivia wearing my new floral bonnet.  She gave me the sweetest giggle and with that, we got it!  Thank you, Marisol for letting me play dress up with your baby girl!

Here are some highlights from, both, the baptism session and our floral bonnet set.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy  ❤  xoxo




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