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Happy Father’s Day 2016

I’m late posting this here on the blog, but being we’re still in June, I’m going to just make it ok to still post! 😛

As if I haven’t said it enough, I love seeing mommas in action.  But seeing Dads do their thing too is something incredibly special.  I tend to only get them in front of my camera for a short while, because well….. MEN! Haha.  I try my hardest to make it easy and smooth for the guys at every session.  Even though, obviously, they are at the session out of love for their kiddos and family and women, I know it’s not always their “thing” to be making pictures.  So, I try to make it as painless as possible for them.

I do love when they’re there though.  Just like mommas, you can see the love they feel for their littles.

So, I wish a very happy Father’s Month to all the poppas out there!!

Here are some of the daddies from this year.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy ❤ xo


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