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Birth Day, Selin [Birth Photographer, Miami FL]

When a couple from Turkey contacts you asking you if you’d document the birth of their first-born, you say yes.  Well, I would.  And, I did.  we had some communication via email & social media (which just keeps reminding me of what a small world we’ve come to live in) and with time of their arrival to the states, we were able to text/speak via cell phone and eventually meet in person!

Right away, I loved and appreciated their journey, story and them!  I wished I had been able to meet them in person sooner.

Elmas was scheduled to be induced on a Tuesday.  And then, it was pushed to a Thursday.  She was anxious and wanted to meet her little girl so badly, but she was patient.  She went in on Thursday evening and Friday morning I got “the text”.

Elmas’ parents had arrived from Turkey and were in the room with her.  Neither, grandmom nor graddad, spoke a word of english.  But both welcomed me in to their little world that was currently happening in that labor & delivery room.

After a few hours of contractions, the Dr. came in, examined momma and baby and told Elmas & Mehmet they’d need to deliver via ceserean delivery.  A c-section was something, definitely not in the birth plan.  But as any momma feels in their heart, she knew with what was happening (or wasn’t) it’d be best.  Without giving too many personal details, with her water broken for almost 12 hours, and the baby’s heart rate not exactly being where it should be, Elmas and the delivery team prepped for the OR.

Not much after, we got the word of little Selin’s arrival.  And what a joyous one it was!

While we waited for baby Selin & momma Elmas to come out recovery, I “spoke” with Grandma in the room.  Remember, she doesn’t speak english, yet we were able to share little bits here and there.  (Thank you Google Translate!)  She shared photos of her other grandbabies and family back home in Turkey and I shared photos of my boys.  As the evening went on, she even would turn to me and speak Turkish!  Forgetting I didn’t understand.  But it made me feel good about how comfortable everyone was with me there.  I don’t usually have much time with grandma because I’m either concentrating on work, or they’re concentrating on their child and what’s happening.  And this one time, I loved every bit of being able to share in that grandparent joy she and her husband were experiencing, alongside momma & dad.

Thank you Elmas & Mehmet for trusting me with such a beautiful day.  Thank you.

And a happy birth day to Selin.  She’s a gorgeous little girl, that right away made everyone say she looked daddy.

Now, back at home in Turkey, I wish your family lots of love and light and I hope one day, we’ll meet again.

Here are some highlights:

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy <3 xoxo


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