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The Diaz Family [Children & Family Photographer, Davie, Fl]

Working with Idalis, her gorgeous little girl and husband left me wanting to make sure I always remind my mommas that they need portraits with their little loves.  This was a family portrait session, but we also got some of just “mommy and me” that instantly had me swooning, in person – and even more as I was editing and post-processing this set.

I couldn’t get enough of seeing them all together and smiling!

Idalis wanted to get herself and her daughter matching dresses and so we waited for them to come in from Dollcake Vintage, and they were incredible.  Is it the form of the dress?  The ever so light pink shade?  Their mommy/daughter chemistry?  I don’t know, but both of them coordinating in dress was just magical.  Beautifully magical!  And her prints are now hanging up on a wall at her home. ❤  She was also able to take prints to Cuba, on a recent trip, to share with friends and family.

So, to all the mommas contemplating if they should do something like this; coordinate clothing and “dress up” for some photos in the park, do it.  Do it now.  Do it soon.  It’s something that we only get to do a few times in our lives with them while they’re still so innocent.  If at all.  Sometimes we don’t realize how fast the time is passing us by, until we look back at photos. These are the moments to remember.  I hope you take the time to do it.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy ❤ xoxo



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