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The K Family [Family Photographer, Pembroke Pines FL]

On this day, with the K family, I experienced and saw that awesome mama-love from two moms; three if you count the grandparent love.  Each with their own kind of magic.

The moment I asked Jackie and Manny to get close, the love she has for him and vice versa, was instantly reflected.  Moreso, when we tried to get some kissy pictures and we got the typical pre-teen boy reaction.  But those, I kept for mom only.  Then, I got to see Jackie with her parents close and I got the same big love feeling from them too.  It doesn’t fade as we get older.  (And thank goodness, it doesn’t, right?)  And with this session, they’ll have photos to remember this time of their lives by.  Memories discolor, at times.  They blur and get a little fuzzy, but with pictures, they can keep it exactly as it is at this very moment.

We were able to even get some pictures of Manny and his grandfather throwing a football.  It was cut short b/c the rain was getting so close to us, but thankfully we were finishing up right on time as light sprinkles started on the way back to our cars.

And can someone bottle up the genes these ladies have to maintain a “good hair day” even with the humidity starting from the impending storm?! 🙂

Here are some highlights from our morning together.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy <3 xoxo


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