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The Tatum-Donis Family [Family Vacation Photographer, South Beach FL]

When one of my online friends wrote to me asking for possibly meeting up for a family portrait session while she was “in town”, I told her, “Of course! I’ll squeeze it in and make it possible, no matter what!”.

There’s a bit of back story, but I’ll try to keep it short and sweet.

I met Ginny in an online forum / community.  We were both TTC (trying to conceive) and were part of this community of women that were also on that journey.  After some time of being on the forums and knowing each other in passing from online activity, we both ended up pregnant right around the same time! She was due in late January / early February and I was due late February.  Because of that, we ended up in the same circle of women due around the same time.  Well, we both ended up giving birth ON THE SAME DAY!

And it gets better… all three kiddos are half-Guatemalan! ❤

We’ve kept in touch since, and every time she comes into Miami and we have time to meet, we do so.  The kiddos have even met!

So this year, we were able to make time for family portraits.  They were staying a few hours away, and drove down to South Beach for the night.  I’m so happy we were able to meet, not only again, but to be able to do this for her beautiful family.  Thank you, Ginny for trusting me with your family! I really do hope one day, you’ll be here permanently and we can schedule more fun together!

Here are some highlights from our afternoon together.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

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