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Thariana | 36 weeks [Maternity + Newborn Photographer, Haulover Beach/Miami]

With less than a month before her due date, Thariana and her beautiful family met me at the beach for a sunrise session.  Little did we expect, that the temperature would drop, we’d be in sweaters and there’d be a slight overcast sky.  Once we started though, we warmed up and welcomed the cool breeze.  Her son even had a few splashed on the shore; which was great to watch.  I can still hear him laughing!

A fitted long dress isn’t the most common wearable for maternity portraits, but I had a feeling she’d knock this out of the park.  And of course, she did – with her gorgeous self! We had such a great morning and I can’t wait to meet her newest addition.  Preparations for his session are underway!

Here are some highlights from our morning on the beach.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

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