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Caisy, 42 days new [Newborn Photographer, Davie-Plantation, FL]

Oh, little Caisy! When mom contacted me for newborn pictures, Caisy was well beyond the typical age for newborn portraits.  But, with mom knowing that the pictures could possibly not be the perfectly posed – sleepy – baby pictures because of her age and being able to FEEEEL me move her, we proceeded with the session.  And it was so much fun! Caisy did wonderfully while awake – giving me big bright eyes and I even rocked her to sleep enough to get some of the more common newborn poses.  She was a little baby doll, all in all!

Here are some highlights from our evening together.

Shine on, little one!

  • Susy ❤ xoxo


Newborn.Caisy.42do-9500-Edit-Stars and Strobes PhotographyNewborn.Caisy.42do-9529-Edit-Stars and Strobes PhotographyNewborn.Caisy.42do-9595-Edit-Stars and Strobes PhotographyNewborn.Caisy.42do-9574-Edit-Stars and Strobes PhotographyNewborn.Caisy.42do-9643-Edit-Stars and Strobes Photography

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