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Kayleen, 9 Days New [Newborn Photographer, Kendall – Miami FL]

Kayleen is a dolly dream.

She barely cried or complained.  I wrapped her and her big sister choose her first headband from the ones I had with me.  She slept soundly as we took her family portraits.  Her big sister loved carrying and posing with her little sister.  She was a little shy with me at first, but went along with the direction I gave her and was a big helper during the first part of their session.

Kayleen, then needed milk and a little rocking, but we got her back to sleep and back to pictures.  By the end of the session, she was so sound asleep, I just wanted to keep photographing her!

Mom and Dad opted to buy 2 print packages; one for their home and to hang in the living room and another to split between the rest of their home and to gift both grandmothers.  Not only does it feel good to see them hang their portraits in their home, but to be able to also gift some of these awesome mounted prints to family members for their homes.

Thank you to Kayleen’s parents for trusting & choosing me to document these first few days of Kayleen’s life.

Here are some highlights from our afternoon together:

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy ❤ xoxo


[The Star-Trails] Not the best, b/c it’s a cell phone picture, but here’s one of the wall displays ordered. It truly was just beautiful!


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