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We keep seeing just about everyone say there’s a “new norm” we gotta get used to and start living by.  Whether you hate that new term or not, fact is, there’s new guidelines and policies being put in place by all businesses.  And I thought, I’d put a little post together about what we’re doing here and how we’re going to do our best at preventing spreading not just the coronavirus / covid-19, but all icky germs.

Within the studio, we’ll ask you to keep your shoes at the door and wear socks so you can walk around the studio, as we need.  “So, are we supposed to be barefoot for all of our images?” Short answer, no. I think it’d be best to arrive in shoes you can leave at the door and change to a cleaned pair of shoes for the pictures, if need be. Most babies I work with are photographed without shoes, hence the rule of leaving shoes at the door, but obviously if we’re making full-body images of you clean shoes can be worn.

“The graphic below states ‘immediate family members only’ does that mean I can bring grandmothers and siblings that are not being photographed?” No.  I feel awful saying this, because I wouldn’t suggest this ever, if it weren’t for trying to slow the spread of this virus, but anyone not being photographed cannot come into the studio and wait.  If you’re bringing another adult with you to help watch siblings, they’ll have to wait outside or in the car.

And this should go without being said, but please let me know if you or someone in your household is feeling sick.  I have always been very open to rescheduling if there’s such a need.

Taking our session outdoors calls for slight differences, being we’ll be in open air and can work with more distance. Obviously the ‘shoes at the door’ thing is not needed.  And anyone not directly related to the session and/or being photographed will have to wait off to the side while we work.

I’ve always encouraged teamwork with my clients and with anyone I work with, this is no different.  If we all arrive ready to work efficiently while staying safe and keeping to healthy guidelines, we can make these sessions a breeze and you will still have those amazing images you’ve been dreaming of.

I hope to be seeing a lot of your faces soon and that you’re all staying safe and healthy.  Air hugs!!

Shine on!

– Susy ☆




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