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Mermaids, Christmas Minis & Rain… Oh my!

It was quite the weekend for us! And the weather kept us on our toes, that’s for sure.

Saturday had major downpours where I was working two sessions.  It rained while we worked make-up and photographed indoors.  Luckily, it stayed dried enough while we worked outside, underwater.  Not that the rain would bother at that point, but lightning isn’t something I’m ok with while in a pool. 😉

Sunday, I asked the heavens to keep the rain contained, at least around the little pocket of earth I was working.  And for all of South Florida photographers shooting minis, actually.  And weddings.  It was overcast and I kept monitoring the radar, but the heavens heard me and kept it dry for us!

All my little stars looked so pretty and dapper, all dressed up  for the holidays.  Every time I see little girls in party dresses with their little mary jane shoes, I just melt and live vicariously through them.  I mean, isn’t it the best to be dressed up and have a twirly/swishy type dress on? And honestly, little boys dressed like little gentlemen don’t fall far behind! That is after all, where I land with my own boys.

My first year running a day of marathon minis was a success, to say the least.  Everyone made it out and we stayed on schedule to get everyone back to their Sunday as efficiently as possible! I couldn’t have done it so easily as I did without the help of my awesome HunHun, right by my side.  He’s always there to make sure my sessions have everything I need, so my clients can walk away happy we had a great session and captured a little bit (or a lot of bit! Lol) of magic! My Tweedles were there too, helping with little bits, behind the scenes.  They’re truly my little assistants!

So here are some of the SSP-Star-Trails (behind the scenes) from the weekend.  I’ve got much to edit ahead of me! Have a great week, everyone!

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy <3 xoxo

SSP - The Star TrailsSSP - The Star TrailsSSP - The Star TrailsSSP - The Star TrailsSSP - The Star TrailsSSP - The Star Trails


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