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ProPhoto 6 Coupon Code For You!

I recently made the announcement that I had merged my portfolio and blog using ProPhoto.  I was so nervous to make the jump, even though I had been researching it and visiting their site for months amping myself up to just DO IT! Then, I go online, and realize that they’ve released ProPhoto 6 in Beta for us to test. It had updates from the version I was looking at, and it convinced me to just get this done.  So, here I am and I am sooooo happy with the look and feel of my new website!

If you’re interested in seeing how ProPhoto works, check out this video:

So, because I’ve just fallen in love with this whole process and being able to get my site back up SO QUICK, I’ve got a little something for you too.  You can save $10 off your purchase by using code STOL3013.  Click on the code and you’ll be directed straight to page, code in hand!

Check them out, get the template and get going.  I lie to you not, it’ll be so great!

A la Coldplay, “Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy ❤ xoxo


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