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Brayden is 8 months old – Watch-Me-Grow [Children Photographer, Sunrise, FL]

My little man, Brayden!

He’s 8 months old and we recently had his sitter session, which was just so much fun.  He was so happy and friendly while we worked.  I say all the time that I love what I do, and this kiddo proved it to me once again. I mean, look at his smile and giggle! He’s such a handsome riot!

I first met Brayden for his newborn session.  You can see that session here. ❤

I absolutely love seeing how my little StarBabies grow and hit milestones – and I’m so glad I’ve been able to be part of Brayden’s.  I can’t wait to see him and his mom again for his 1st birthday.  (The planning has already started!)

Until then, here are some highlights from our afternoon together.

“Look at the stars; look how they shine for you”,

  • Susy  ❤  x


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