When things are the same, but different...

2022 has brought on building of the new website. Am I and the company the same? Yes. Am I trying new things? Yes!

The usual sessions are still in place: Underwater, Newborn, Kids and Family.

Amped up sessions are happening: Maternity and Boudoir.

New sessions are coming together: Personal Branding and Woman Portraiture.

There's a new studio being built! More on that in a later post. It's been long in the making and I can't wait to have it all ready to share and use to create magic with you, my Stars! I'm excited to try new things and to turn the volume (way) up on some session types I've been photographing already.

For starters... chicas, women, you, she / her. All my boss ass ladies!! I want to be able to help document you as you are, your milestones, your hustle, your accomplishments, your reality, your beauty, your sexy side, your smiley and laughing side, even the quiet-need-a-moment-to-yourself side... I want to be able to document and photograph you in such a way, you are reminded what a force and vision YOU are.

So, I've added Personal Branding + Woman Portraiture for my Stars that are out there busting their ass trying to balance the hustle and family / home / social life. I was starting to realize that Boudoir brings that RAWR forward, but there's other sides to us than just the sexy dreamy side. We can also definitely feel empowered, strong and powerful putting our hard work out there - why? because it's something to be damn proud of, no matter the age or stage we're at.

As the quote from Sarah J. Maas' "Throne of Glass", says:

“You could rattle the stars she whispered you could do anything, if only you dared and deep down you know it, too.”

– Celaena Sardothien

Are you in?

Shine on!