Before you know it, they’ve gone from cooing to saying “momma”, from being swaddled to crawling and then to that wobbly walk that quickly becomes a toddler run with giggles. That first year has a lot of moments you don’t want to forget; the same moments you’ll want them to look back on. These Collections documents that for you and your baby. 

Watch-Me-Grow Plans

Milky Way

☆ 2 milestone sessions (sitter + 1st birthday)
☆ 1 Family Session (18 months old)
☆ 1 - 8x8 premium album
☆ 12 high res digital images from each session

$1,500 (plus tax)

[Digital] Milky Way

☆ 2 milestone sessions (sitter + 1st birthday)
☆ 1 Family Mini (18 months old)
☆ 10 high res digital images from each session

$1,200 (plus tax)

Add-Ons / Upgrades

☆ Fine art Lux leather StoryBook Heirloom Album
☆ Bathtub and bubbles
☆ Maternity / Newborn images added to album
☆ 2nd Birthday session

Call for pricing

18 month, Watch-Me-Grow Family Session (After a year of baby portraits, it's your turn to get in the pictures. Trust me, one day, they'll be so happy you did!)


Why should I opt for this "plan" of 3 sessions, instead of "just one"?

After a year of documenting little one's milestones and growth, it's time for you all to be included and get that family portrait. Often we (mamas) don't include ourselves in pictures with our little ones, because we either forget or don't like being in front of the camera. But, trust me, your little ones will always cherish photos of you. And even moreso, photos of you all together. You're the most beautiful and most loved person(s) in their life. They don't see the little things that we criticize about ourselves - they see love and beauty. So let's document this time for them to have forever.

Session 1: We have a Sitter!

Simple style onesies are classic. Or a diaper cover, tutu or even birthday suit work for this session. We can use first foods or new favorite toys.

Session 2: 1st Birthday / Cake Smash

Keep it simple, baby is star! We start with "formal" portraits and move onto the Cake Smash. Clothes should be fitted, not baggy and barefoot is always cute. Avoid huge logos that date the image or distract the eye.

Session 3: Fabulous Families

Dress it up or keep it casual! Match your clothing colors and style to your home decor where your art will be displayed around. Not everyone need to wear the same exact outfit, mix it up! Darker / lighter shades of the same color work well to add some layers to the image. Stick to a color palette of three to four complementary colors. Non-glare glasses will keep glare at bay.