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Look at the stars; look how they shine for you…

Hi, so excited you stopped by. I'm Susy Toledo and celebrating {new} life is BIG to me! It's exciting and I'm here to document your most cherished life's celebrations.  

From the preparation and arrival of the new little one in your family, the sitting-on-their-own milestone and of course, 1st birthday (And it really doesn't stop there, am I right?); they're only this little once and it all changes so fast. 

I started shooting in 2009, and the one thing I discovered is that I love being able to capture the details of life and our stories. Snuggles, whispers, hand-holding that happen naturally within your family, are my favorite. I may guide you in posing, but really the way you instintively get together, touch and are, is what will show YOU and YOUR STORY in these photos. The little details that make us smile, giggle and "awww" are the moments that we don't want to forget, right? I want you to have those moments, in your hands, forever. 

As for myself, I'm married to an awesome guy and I have two amazing sons.  They're twins.  Fraternal; and yes I'm sure they're fraternal. (Haha)  They're my Tweedles and I struggled and fought through infertility for 5 years before I was blessed to become their mommy. My three guys have ignited my heart and soul forevermore.  

That fire in my heart from my own family is what fuels my desire and passion for making beautiful portraits of your tiny new baby and your family; celebrating the details of the life that is all yours.

Your baby becomes "my Star Baby" and the mommas become "my Star Momma".  Every baby and family I am chosen to photograph get a special place in my heart. I love to see these Littles and "my families" grow.  It really is such an honor to be a part of that history. I couldn't ask for a better job!

Celebrate their new little lives. Celebrate your family. Celebrate all the little details.


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What's In My Bag

- Nikon D750

- 105 / 70-200 / 24-70 mm lenses

- lipstick

- sunglasses

- tambourine!

- hand sanitizer

- Phone

Things I Like

- Music

- Coffee

- Craft Beer

- Laughing

- Sunshine, but moreso seeing the sunrise/sunset

- Good Food

- Foxes

I Love Making Pictures Of

- Newborns

- Underwater portraits

- People That Love Each Other

- Sunrise / Sunset

- Beer Bubbles

- Flowers